The Nigeria Association – Sevilla as earlier introduced is an organisation that is situated in the Sevilla, capital of Andalusia, fully registered under law.

Membership of The Nigeria Association – Sevilla is free for all Nigerians who currently reside is the Sevilla, Huelva, Cadiz and Cordoba. It has a non-discrimination admission system in that anyone whose is a holder of the Nigeria International Passport or any other proof Citizenship by birth can be admitted into the Association.

Also, all PERSONS whose one of its parents is a Nigerian and is above 18years of age can be admitted into the Association with consideration of the applicant current National adoption or rights.

All members of the The Nigeria Association – Sevilla are issued a membership Identity Card that has no-expiration date.

Potential Applicant are advised to fill the Membership Application Form online and through the membership application portal. All data collected from the applicant are duly for Internal use of the The Nigeria Association – Sevilla and for Social Warfare services.

In our plight to promote the diverse Nigeria Cultural heritage, we advise members to be law-abiding and should strictly adhere to the Constitution of the Republic of Spain.

Outlined Membership Eligibility

  1. Applicant should be over 18 years of age.
  2. Applicant should have a proven address within the Jurisdiction of the Nigeria Association – Sevilla.
  3. Applicant who holds foreign passport either by birth or adoption, other than that of the Nigeria International passport are accepted.
  4. Any Nigeria who does not want to be member of the Association will never be forced to do so and will not be discriminated by the Association.
  5. The Association will automatically dissociate itself from any member who is proven to be of Criminal conduct and violate the laws of Spain.


Membership Registration

To get full membership status, you have to fill the memebership form by click on the below link:

Applicant are advised to fully provide data that are true of thier information, any form of falsification and provision of ineligible data will lead to cancellation of membership.

Membership Verification

All registered members will be issued an identification number that starts is NAS, followed by six digit number e.g NAS123456.:

To verify if the information submitted is correct, please click on the button below