Under the massive immigration from Nigeria citizen from its country of origin to other parts of the World in search of various needs ranging from greener pasture, new exposure, educational career, political asylum seeker and others, there was a large concentration of Nigerians in the Southern part of Spain particularly Sevilla.

Some group of Nigerians in 2003, under the leadership of Mr. Steven Koya popularly known as “Baba Abe” came together to form the Association as “Associacion Cultural De Naciones de Nigeria de Andalucía” registered under the Andalucia Regional Government “Junta De Andalucía. In that year Mr. Steven Koya became the pioneer president of the Association with his executive officers drawn from all regions of Nigerians residing in Sevilla. His administration initiatiated various programmes to tackle the problems of undocumented immigrant who need to feed themselves and take care of family needs. One of the programmes initiated was called “La Farola” where immigrant obtain permission to become clean street vendor of items that are general purpose demands.

After the end of that administration a new President emerged. He names is Mr. Peter Ajo Udo Amadiasonwu who happens to be from the Igbo extraction of the geo-political zone of Nigeria. In that bet, a geo-geopolitical rotation system was agreed. He brought about the direct liaison with the Nigeria Embassy – Madrid by agreeing that various embassadorial exercise like Capturing of data for the issuiance of Nigeria Passport, Nigeria Police Character Report and other official exercises are done here in Sevilla periodically. His regime introduced programmes on welfare for low-income Nigerians by soliciting domestic feeding support by Red Cross Association (Cruz Roja), Caritas and other governmental welfare bodies.

At the end of the Regime of Mr. Peter, another new President named Mr. Steve Aba from the Edo extraction was sworn in, as it was their rotational turn. This regime conducted various exercises that his predecessors started and improved on their efficacy. He became the third executive president of The Nigeria Association.

In the same line of progression, Mr. Dare Samuel Aremu from the Yoruba extraction emerged a new president in 2018. This election process was one of the most attended processes ever noticed in the democratic process. In his first agenda of the new administration, he decided to give a new identity to the Association by creating a good office of the Association where all Nigerian will have access. He did one of the first exercise of collating the numbers of all Nigerians that reside under the demography or jurisdiction of the Association. Expanded the welfare programmes to the distribution of domestic needs like food items, cooking gas etc. Marked with the Covid 19 Pandemic, this administration was able to set a bench-mark that has now became a standard for successive administration. It was during this time the fourth affiliated Association known as the Delta Association was birthed.

During the month of August, 2022, a new administration led by Mr. Uchenna Fabian Okolie was inaugurated marking the beginning of a second tenure of the Presidency zoned to the Igbo extraction. Currently, this regime as drawn-out series of new programme starting with a digitalised census system where membership data are stored. Also, two new committees, Conflict Resolution Committee and Women Committee are been formed.

The concept of membership identification card is also been carried out as a means of improving our service to members of the Association.